About Us

davidsonashe was founded in 1996 as an affiliate member of the Business Brokers Network of more than 350 affiliated business intermediaries; business brokerage and consulting firms located across the United States and Canada. Locally, we have offices in Langley, BC and Lynden, WA and have been intermediaries instrumental in the sale of companies in northwest Washington and the British Columbia lower mainland since 1996.

Team members are experienced businessmen, small business owner-operators ourselves for as many as 35 years, with a real-life understanding of the life and times of a small business owner. We have a full appreciation of the questions and concerns that will come to mind as one begins to think about selling the Company, as well as those of a buyer searching for a suitable acquisition.

Team members have operated manufacturing companies, industrial and financial service companies, import, export and distribution companies and an Internet company. We have operated businesses in a number of industrial-commercial sectors, including electronics and technology, financial services, food manufacturing and processing, sporting goods and light and heavy industrial. Our companies have ranged in size from half dozen employees to more than one hundred; with annual sale of $0 at start-up, to about $40 million.

Our combined experience as business owners and operators, as business buyers and sellers, and as business brokers provide us with the advantage of understanding the business buying and selling process from the perspectives of both the buyer and the seller; views, which must be recognized and reconciled if one is to successfully sell a Company for its full fair market value, and provide full value, in a quiet, confidential and non-intrusive manner.

Quiet Confidentially is a tenet of our business. We are fully cognizant of the importance of maintaining confidentiality throughout the process. We know how to be appropriately discreet with respect to employees and others. We will hold all confidential information in absolute confidence, unless, and until, we are authorized in writing to disclose. Then, we will disclose only to further the authorized representation of our client in the manner described throughout this web site.

Process Management is critical to the successful result. From start to finish, as broker, we will be fully engaged. We will review and analyze business materials, prepare the confidential business profile and maintain its currency thereafter. We'll identify, interview and pre-qualify potential buyers and represent the value and potential of the company only to those deemed suitable and qualified. We'll negotiate and often help draft the offer to purchase. We'll assist as may be useful in due diligence and will work with the lawyer in the preparation of documentation to close the sale. We will be there until cash and keys change hands at the closing.

Extensive Engagement is designed to maintain confidentiality, move the process quickly to its conclusion and minimize demands on the time of the owner-seller, enabling the owner-operator to maintain full and proper focus on the day-to-day business operations until the sale has closed.

Experience makes a difference. As you read through the materials on this web-site, we trust that you'll recognize the value of background and experience and that you will discover an open and up-front, yet confidential buying and selling process. And, while those may seem to be a contradiction of terms, we believe these terms will become compatible as our entire buying and selling process is described in Selling a Business and Buying a Business.